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Why? What is the point?

A long time ago, I made a private list of interests as part of an exercise from "How To Be Everything" by Emilie Wapnick. I found out that I've been interested in more than 100 different topics over the span of my life up til that point. Unfortunately, I have since lost track of that list, so I decided to make a new one. My goal is NOT to get to a particular number, but make an accurate list of current and past interests.

How do I read this page?

I tend to think in graphs (I talk about that more below): but there's no good way to display them with plain HTML. Don't know what any of that means? That's okay. Just read the list in no particular order: that's my intention.

The List

In no particular order:

  • I played trombone for 6 years in middle school and high school
  • I bought a knockoff Ocarina of Time ocarina, and I'm learning to play it
  • Speaking of Ocarina of Time, I love Legend of Zelda
  • I bought a decent ukulele and I'm learning to play it
  • I learned about typography quite a few years ago; I even tried to create my own conlang's font!
  • I learned about graph theory in 2015. Graphs have completely changed how I think about everything
  • I know about optimumization, especially discrete optimumization, based on my learning in computer science
  • I learned about linguistics in 2010 at my last semester of school. I wish I could have majored in it. If I ever go to school again, it's going to be for Computational Linguistics so I could learn about Natural Language Processing, and other such things
  • Astronomy intimidates me the most out of all my interests. I would love to get into it more, but I live in an area with a lot of light pollution and don't know how to deal with it
  • Space Travel, both fictional and non. If I could, I would live in fictional space, like Star Trek!
  • Evolution is a topic I really enjoy, ever since I first learned about biological evolution in school. I am also interested in Genetic Programming as a technique for creating programs algorithmically.
  • The Philosophy of Science facinates me, especially the epistemology of it. I use Empiricism and Rationalism to build my understanding of reality
  • Programming Language Design and Implementation is a vast topic, and I'm curious to dive in more