That Feeling When Your Air Conditioning Doesn’t Work

I was going to post about something more interesting, but the AC is out at my house and it makes it hard to think about basic stuff, let alone the kinds of things I like to write about. When I was growing up, our house in the country didn’t have AC at all, but itContinue reading “That Feeling When Your Air Conditioning Doesn’t Work”

Game Review in Screenshots: Stellaris

I’m not new to having strong opinions, but I am new to writing reviews, so here we go: Stellaris is a space empire game I’ve been longing for and I look forward to learning how to actually win a game. I’ve spent 30 hours, and I haven’t even come close. One of the many reasonsContinue reading “Game Review in Screenshots: Stellaris”

Series: RPG Campaign Settings

I’ve partially written many campaign settings over the years, and today I wanted to introduce you to the latest ones that I’ve been working on. I’m going to go into more detail for each one in separate posts. Daellig: The Spirit Age This is a fantasy setting that takes place on the continent of Daellig.Continue reading “Series: RPG Campaign Settings”