Notes For Haskell Love 2020

Although I did not attend this online event while it was happening, I decided to watch a majority of the videos from the Haskell Love 2020 virtual conference. Then, I broke them down into different categories based on whether I understood the material, and whether I have a particular response. Let’s begin listing them TalksContinue reading “Notes For Haskell Love 2020”

NixOS and mediagoblin: Part II

Last time on the blog, I started the process of packaging mediagoblin into a Nix package, and this time we are continuing on our journey. Switching to v0.10.0 for mediagoblin One thing that I discovered while I was working on this project was that there are release tags for mediagoblin. So, I decided to switchContinue reading “NixOS and mediagoblin: Part II”

RPG Campaign Setting: Daellig

I’ve partially written many campaign settings over the years, and today I wanted to introduce you one of the latest ones. Daellig: The Spirit Age Basic Rundown This is a fantasy setting that takes place on the continent of Daellig, which currently has no map. The world is animist in nature: humans and other humanoidsContinue reading “RPG Campaign Setting: Daellig”