My New Diary Habit For August

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At the start of the year, I made a public commitment on this blog that I was going to write more, and so, as part of that general intention with my life, I have started a diary practice for myself, and I already have a few organization system upgrades in mind for September.

This new diary practice is an adaptation of the morning pages routine advocated by The Artists Way by Julia Cameron. I tried to go through her program, but the spiritualist material in the book kept throwing me off. I’m sure that I could try it again later, but that’s another blog post.

The first thing I did was purchase a new, cheap composition notebook. It just happened to be wide-ruled, but I think that I’ll seek out college ruled or even narrow ruled next time. I skip every other line, so the narrower the better.

The rules for this notebook are: every day, write a minimum of four pages of whatever I feel like writing. It can be about what happened that day, emotional exposition, or nonsense words, or any number of other things. As long as ink hits the page, it’s valid. And that’s it! Just filling out pages every day.

The plans I have for September are that when I buy the new notebook for September, I’ll start by writing out what goals and intentions I have for September, how ever many pages that takes. Then, proceed to fill out my diary for the rest of the month. Then, when the month is over, I can write out a retrospective, comparing my vision for how September could go and how it actually happened.

With this new habit, my goal of writing more has been furthered by at least 4 pages every day, and I think that it will benefit me in the long run. And there is a good chance of nonsense words coming your way later on đŸ™‚

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