Campaign Setting: Neon Edge

This one is a little rougher than the one for Daellig, but there were a lot of old notes that I still haven’t fully updated.

Basic Rundown

This is a cyberpunk setting that tries to combine TRON, Transformers, Animorphs, The Matrix, and REBOOT into a setting where the world is a simulation, and everyone knows it. The aesthetic of the game very much comes from TRON: Legacy, where the colors are desaturated but edges have a neon glow.

Players in this game can have alternative forms, and Humanoid is only the default. Players can either become vehicles, like the Light Cycle or a Cyberplane (which is a plane that flights through cyberspace, of course), or they can transform into creatures. This game will involve multiple partial character sheets that players use to keep track of their different forms. If a player doesn’t want to have different forms, then they can have either superpowers, or they can be a Hacker (the magic system in this game), each of which will also have partial character sheets.

The actual setting details mostly involves Gigacity and outlying regions, and an option for an Apocalypse, called the System Reset, which may or may not be coming. Also, another option is the Malware, a sickness in the System.

Time And Place

The map of Neon Edge is fairly straightforward: Gigacity is in the center of the map, and the Wilds spiral out in every direction, perhaps endlessly. Neon Edge is Euclidean, like Minecraft or many other computer games, where the world is essentially flat, but there’s still underground and atmostphere, etc.


The technology in this game is quite advanced, but for the PCs and NPCs, it can vary quite a lot. For the most wealthy in the game, they experience near Star Trek levels of tech, including replicator-type printers. The punks of the setting get similar tech, but it’s public and slightly broken or stolen.


The variety of people that can exist in a computer simulation is nearly endless, but the default body presentation is human. Once again, as long as a character isn’t a stereotype or annoying, mostly anything goes in this setting. There are no “races” or “species” in this setting: just whatever your avatar looks like. You could have someone who has a video display chest that shows memes that expresses the emotional state of the character. You could have a robot that is mostly made out of motorcycle parts and adds in VROOMs to their dialog. The book for this would have to include sample characters that range from the mostly normal to the straight up strange.



Gigacity has the aspect “*A city of skyscrapers, bridges, and tunnels” Gigacity has several neighborhoods in a 3D arrangement. The Spire is the tallest building in Gigacity and is where governance stuff happens the cube is a building that is so old that the city has built over it, and it is a bit mysterious. It is not far from where the Spire is, which some people find suspicious. There isn’t a specific entertainment district since most of Gigacity is dedicated to entertainment. The main exception is the Industrial Layers which hugs the ground where mining and energy extraction take place. The cryptomining heats the city, and makes the industrial layer very hot. The top of the spire forms ice crystals on the tip.

Hovercars exist but they are on the rails of the transit system and are autonomously piloted the majority of the time. Everyone can pilot a hoverdrone to safety but it takes a Challenge roll to Pilot one without the rails and have it go where you want to go. Jetdrones are even harder to Pilot but they go must faster. Lastly rail drones are courier vehicles that only operate by physically riding on small rails throughout the city making deliveries, mostly of things spawned in the industrial layers and doing maintainence on the city’s infrastructure.

Questionable Lower Region (QLR)

The QLR is a digital swamp, where the trash files of Gigacity are disposed of. It is a mysterious place filled with urban legends and even stranger truths. This is a prime dungeoneering location, because this is a digital swamp, not a traditional one. When whole buildings get deleted, this is where they end up. The Wilds The Wilds are simply everywhere where Gigacity isn’t. Whole villages exist here, but also lots of monsters and resources. Like Minecraft, the biomes are not arranged in a way that makes ecological sense.

System Change: Half Sheets

So, in order to accommodate the ability to change forms, this system hacks the Fate Core character sheet and turns it into a modular system. The “top sheet” is the majority of the normal information (aspects, skills, and stress/consequences) and does not change. The bottom sheet contains stunts and extras, and represents all the forms and or powers that character has. Every character comes with a “Humanoid” bottom sheet that defines the actions that Humanoids take, and is the default form for characters. Bottom forms include vehicles, animals, other machines, and so on. Bottom sheets can also have things like Hacking powers (which I have not worked out in any way) or other powers that can be invented by players. There will have to be lots of examples in a book to make sure that players and GMs build an understanding of what I have in mind.

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