That Feeling When Your Air Conditioning Doesn’t Work

I was going to post about something more interesting, but the AC is out at my house and it makes it hard to think about basic stuff, let alone the kinds of things I like to write about.

When I was growing up, our house in the country didn’t have AC at all, but it was an old house, built before AC was a thing, so it had lots of big windows to put box fans in. With a box fan in every window, a window in every room, and pocket doors opened between each room, we had air flow that kept us relatively comfortable.

The house I live in now was also built before AC was a thing, so you’d expect that it has similar architectural properties and we’d be box fanning it up. Not so. There are a lot of things that have been changed about the house over the decades, and the window situation is one of them. The living room has tiny, tiny windows that up until recently had tinted plastic covering the window panes to keep the living room shaded.

What I wouldn’t give for a big window instead of the two small ones.

We are in the process of repairing the machinery that will bring sweet, sweet AC back into my life, but until then, I’m not operating at full power.

Published by sehqlr

I'm a multipotentialite Millenial from St. Louis, MO. My day job is freelance web development and DevOps, but in a previous life, I was an English major. I'm on the STL Tech Slack, GitHub, Keybase, and Twitter, under the @sehqlr handle. (It's pronounced "secular" like the world-view.) I'm also on Mastodon as

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