Game Review in Screenshots: Stellaris

Stellaris loading screen art of a cloud-covered metal planet surface

I’m not new to having strong opinions, but I am new to writing reviews, so here we go: Stellaris is a space empire game I’ve been longing for and I look forward to learning how to actually win a game. I’ve spent 30 hours, and I haven’t even come close.

One of the many reasons why I like this game so much is the artwork in it. The loading screen art alone is incredible. Take a look at this one:

stellaris loading screen art of a spaceship and a space monster facing off in an asteroid field around a yellow star

I have started over several times in the game because I have a perfectionism problem. I wanted to show off a big empire but this nebula-encircled territory will have to do.

a screenshot of stellaris gameplay of a small space empire inside a nebula

This version of Earth puts us inside of a nebula, which would probably ruin astronomy if it were true. Here is another screenshot of what the Solar System looks like.

a screen shot of the space empire’s capital, Earth, floating in space along with the rest of the solar system

And, this is my favorite screenshot in this review, this is the United Nations Ship Archimedes, a science ship captained by a black woman, surveying a world outside of my empire.

a stellaris screenshot of a spaceship scanning a molten planet in a nebula

That character in the game was randomly generated, including her “Carefree” attitude (denoted by the bird icon). This is a level of detail that you can get in a video game that I don’t like in board games.

I like this game so much, that I’m considering starting a Twitch channel for it. Whenever I get that set up going (or if I end up doing it at all) I’ll make an update to this post and create a new one.

If you have any comments, leave them below!

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