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I’ve partially written many campaign settings over the years, and today I wanted to introduce you to the latest ones that I’ve been working on. I’m going to go into more detail for each one in separate posts.

Daellig: The Spirit Age

This is a fantasy setting that takes place on the continent of Daellig. The world is animist in nature: humans and other humanoids coexist with many different kinds of supernatural beings. I wanted to combine Pokemon, Fate: Stay Night, Airbender, Studio Ghibli, LOTR, and other anime and high fantasy influences into a game.

Humanoids and spirits form a barter economy, and the way that players get access to supernatural powers is by making deals with intelligent spirits, binding their souls to an elemental force, or by taming magical beasts. There is not much high technology or commerce, except for the Alchemists and their experiments. The continent of Daellig is divided up into many kingdoms that war with each other more or less constantly. A few kingdoms exist peacefully if there is a powerful spirit that protects them.

There is also a Rock-Paper-Scissors elemental system called the Triad, where the Elements of Fire, Water, and Wood form a vicious balance, and the Traditions of Magic (8 in total) combine and refine the Elements to form the supernatural education system of Daellig.

Neon Edge

This is a cyberpunk setting that tries to combine TRON, Transformers, Animorphs, The Matrix, and REBOOT into a setting where the world is a simulation, and everyone knows it. The aesthetic of the game very much comes from TRON: Legacy, where the colors are desaturated but edges have a neon glow.

Players in this game can have alternative forms, and Humanoid is only the default. Players can either become vehicles, like the Light Cycle or a Cyberplane (which is a plane that flights through cyberspace, of course), or they can transform into creatures. This game will involve multiple partial character sheets that players use to keep track of their different forms. If a player doesn’t want to have different forms, then they can have either superpowers, or they can be a Hacker (the magic system in this game), each of which will also have partial character sheets.

The actual setting details mostly involves Gigacity and outlying regions, and an option for an Apocalypse, called the System Reset, which may or may not be coming. Also, another option is the Malware, a sickness in the System.

Clockwork Psions

This campaign setting was initially written by me and my group of friends at a lake house many years ago. We wrote it in the course of a weekend, and we only ever played one session of it. Ever since, I’ve wanted to revisit the world and play it again, but maybe with better writing.

The basic idea was to combine alternative histories, psychic powers, and steampunk into one setting. In this setting, Napoleon had psychic powers that allowed him to conquer Europe, so the Napoleonic empire exists far into the end of the 19th Century. The major other power in the world is the Ottoman Empire, ruled by a royal family of psychics. North America features a new country, Texoma, which is Texas and Oklahoma as it’s own country. Australia isn’t a prison colony so much as a haven for steampunk pirates. One of our players creates steampunk robots that have a psychic crystal for a brain.

Essentially, each of our players created their own alternative histories that we wove into a complex world. The “better writing” part would be a task of trying to either come up with a cogent alternative history for a book, or having a list of possible ideas and having groups create their own alternative histories, like the original group did.

Cosmic Infiltration

This world’s name is a fill-in until I come up with a better title. The idea here is to combine Lovecraftian horror with spy-fi and urban fantasy stories (with a touch of monster of the week) to create a globe-trotting investigation setting that features a cold war between light and dark forces that battle over influence over worlds: especially our own.

Each game starts out in whatever city that the players live in, or a close approximate (or from a list in the official book). Strange things start to happen, and as the players investigate them, they begin to uncover a global conspiracy to drag the world into deeper darkness, to feed horrific monsters from beyond the edge of the known universe.


I hope that this was a fun read, as it was fun to write. And I look forward to writing about these worlds more!

If you have any questions about these worlds, please wait until the full post. But if you have any other suggestions or questions, please feel free to comment below.

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