The Story Behind “sehqlr”

in which I go into the history of the pronunciation and the spelling of my online handle

Is it “sequeler”?

No, sequeler is a SQL client. Also, there is nothing about SQL in the name except that it has those letters in that order scattered throughout.

Why is it weird/not based on my name?

I have this desire to never have numbers in my username, so settling for “samh_86” was never going to cut it for me. I also don’t like using my name in my usernames so that also makes “samh_86” a less appealing option.

So, I have always thought really hard about usernames that aren’t based on my name, but also don’t have numbers in them. So, clever phrases were usually out, since other people would have come up with them before. I don’t remember exactly when I started using my current handle, but I have so many logins now that it’d be almost unthinkable to actually change it.

The Pronunciation

“sehqlr” is pronounced “secular” like the world-view. I happen to hold that world-view, which is one reason why I decided to go with that pronunciation. However, the pronunciation follows from the nonsense letters that I created, which means we need to go into the spelling

The Spelling

So, the first part of my handle is “seh” which are my initials, so that story is pretty short. The second part, “qlr” is from an RPG campaign setting idea that I’ve been kicking around in my head for years.

The original name for the campaign was “QLR,” which pronounced “color.” I was trying to come up with a cool way to spell common words, and that’s what I came up with. The “color” part is about the aesthetics of the setting, which will be a blog post sometime in the future.

Bringing It Together

So, at some point while I was really into this idea, I needed to come up with a new handle for something, and whatever my old handle was, it wasn’t going to cut it anymore. So, I stuck the two things together, my initials and this campaign name, and I got “sehqlr.” I then read it a LOT to figure out how to spell it, and came up with “secular.”

Published by sehqlr

I'm a multipotentialite Millenial from St. Louis, MO. My day job is freelance web development and DevOps, but in a previous life, I was an English major. I'm on the STL Tech Slack, GitHub, Keybase, and Twitter, under the @sehqlr handle. (It's pronounced "secular" like the world-view.) I'm also on Mastodon as

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