Looking For Any Full-Time Work

where I humbly ask for any kind of work, even if not freelance

What I’m Good At

  • Programming: My top three languages are Python, Haskell, and Javascript. I have also programmed a bit of Go and Scala
  • Writing: I’ve mostly done creative writing but I can also do technical writing, and I had a class in editing while at university
  • Attention to detail, but also zooming out to architectural concerns
  • Team player, but also able to work independently

What I’m Learning

  • Full Stack Javascript, including React and Node
  • How to run a business (very slowly!)
  • How to write proposals

How to get in touch

You can email me: hey [at] samhatfield [dot] me

OR, you can comment down below.


Published by sehqlr

I'm a multipotentialite Millenial from St. Louis, MO. My day job is freelance web development and DevOps, but in a previous life, I was an English major. I'm on the STL Tech Slack, GitHub, Keybase, and Twitter, under the @sehqlr handle. (It's pronounced "secular" like the world-view.) I'm also on Mastodon as @sehqlr@weirder.earth.

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