It’s February, How Did I Do?

At the beginning of the year, I made a resolution to write more.

  1. Do the writing exercises of a writing prompt book, at least one a day of not more! And write in the book this time!
  2. Post on this blog and social media more, weekly instead of occasionally.
  3. All your ideas belong WRITTEN DOWN SOMEWHERE. It doesn’t matter how weird it is!

So, how did I do?

Writing Exercises

On this front, I actually have done fairly well. The “300 Writing Prompts” book that I bought has been a pretty good investment, and although I haven’t done it every day, it has helped. Additionally, I borrowed “Steering the Craft” by Ursula K. Le Guin from my local library, and I have done the first three chapters in that book in a sketchbook that I bought specifically for doing creative writing in. (I prefer thick, unruled pages.)

Once I’m done with the Le Guin book, I will return it and then dip back into my personal library. I know that I have a copy of “Writing Down The Bones” that I could do exercises from again, and I also have at least one book on Creative Non-Fiction that comes with exercises.

Overall, I’d say that this goal was met.


I have managed to post here every week for the last 3 weeks, so hooray! However, I have not done any social media posts. So, I call this one mostly fulfilled.

Writing ideas down

Sadly, I haven’t done this. I almost starting writing down the idea for a story of a lonely city in the depths of space, but then I started revising the idea in my head and never got around to getting it to paper. So, I didn’t meet my goal for this one. But I will say that the writing prompts were a much more important goal, so I’m OK with this one getting away.


Good job, me! I am well on my way of getting back into writing in a big way.

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