Harder Than Getting On A Bike

In my last post, I set out a goal for myself: to write more. Specifically, I set out these three activities:

  1. Write for 15 minutes every day. This includes diary entries, but is mostly meant for creative free-writing
  2. Post on this blog and on my social media accounts more often, say, weekly instead of occasionally
  3. Any new ideas about stories or other topics I think about, write it down! (There are so many things that I don’t write down but I should, it is criminal)

As it turns out, it’s really hard to write completely new material every day.

I have not done much creating writing in the last 5 years, and it turns out, I cannot just get back on the bike and have the exact same productivity that I had 7 or 10 years ago. Sure, the act of writing things down isn’t that different, nor is doing free association. Typing is easy.

However, I found that the stuff I typed out was not great. Here’s an entry:

The solubriousness of that word was just incredible, said Nelly not knowing what the word even meant. It’s almost as if words have no meaning!

Sorry, I’m a bit drunk and writing things down as I think them. We don’t ususally go to fancy dinner parties, especially not the Sandersons’. It’s just that “multitudediousness” is not a “solubriuos” word.

It’s a twenty dollar word

She said, oh, well excuse me for trying to be fancy! And you should drink less.

me (stone cold sober), 2020-01-06

My note to myself at that point was “listen to people again.”

I think my note to myself now is “think about what you used to do.”

So, I thought about what I used to do, and one thing I remember in college was that I actually started most of my work with handwritten notes that I then typed up and turned into final work. I also remember doing quite a lot of writing prompts at the time, to keep my skills sharp.

So, what I did was I bought a writing prompts notebook (I’ll talk about the specific product later if I like it) and I’m going to handwrite my responses to the prompts in the pages like you are supposed to.

(I have this odd thing about not wanting to “ruin” notebooks, hopefully this will help me work on that.)

I also noticed some changes I wanted to make in the other ones, so I’ll update them now. I am changing my list to this:

  1. Do the writing exercises of a writing prompt book, at least one a day of not more! And write in the book this time!
  2. Post on this blog and social media more, weekly instead of occasionally.
  3. All your ideas belong WRITTEN DOWN SOMEWHERE. It doesn’t matter how weird it is!

That’s all for now! Check back again in 15 days where I evaluate how I’ve done.

Published by sehqlr

I'm a multipotentialite Millenial from St. Louis, MO. My day job is freelance web development and DevOps, but in a previous life, I was an English major. I'm on the STL Tech Slack, GitHub, Keybase, and Twitter, under the @sehqlr handle. (It's pronounced "secular" like the world-view.) I'm also on Mastodon as @sehqlr@weirder.earth.

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